Domain names, what is their importance, where can you purchase domain in Karachi.

For all new web developers, one of the first steps towards starting their own website is to purchase a domain name. This way they can easily give a catchy name to their website and can then sit and work on its layout and everything. Purchasing a domain can be a long process but first it is important to understand what exactly the purpose of domain is. So what does a domain name actually mean and why purchasing domain so important while making websites in our country?

Domains are basically a name of the website. While in computer language a web address is actually just a bunch of weird annotation of numbers. Understanding that the computer only gets the language of 0s and 1s it is reasonable that why all the websites have a specific numerical address to it. And the computer has no problem in remembering those strings of numbers because it is made to understand only the language of numbers plus it has a vast memory. We, humans on the other hand are neither aware of the number language nor we have that sort of memory that remembers every different set of numbers for every different website. Hence a website name is very important as it will become easier for everyone to remember the names. Also your domain name will distinguish you from other websites even if they belong to the same content and material category as your website. Google search becomes easier for those who want to come back to your website. All in all domain becomes your websites new identity. Hence with a domain name it becomes easier for everyone to locate websites on the internet.

Now that I have implied the importance of domain name for any website development then let’s talk about how can you get and purchase your own domain names from websites online. Karachi being one of the most commercialized cities in Pakistan has many web developers and hence many website launching companies out there. One of the best website launching company is Not only does it help you to purchase domain in karachi but also in the cheapest rates out there in the market. It is a trusted company. So if you want to purchase your own website domain then you can do so by contacting It is your one stop shop for all sorts of assistance required regarding website making.

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