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Nowadays, registering an ideal domain name in the internet can be a rough and tough task and extension of domain further make it difficult to already difficult task. In recent days, it’s been very hard to select a short domain name, that can be easy to remember for clients or customers. The main key for selecting a domain is to go for short and purpose specific keyword rather than long and lengthy keywords based domain. For example, you might be familiar with such name of websites as or Just remember, such lengthy keyword can easy for you to remember, but not for your clients or customers. As a result, you could lose your customers or clients forever.

Short names are easy to remember, that the majority tends to memorize without any difficulty. You see, the big website of the world had one thing in common. They don’t exceed more than two or three words as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the list goes on. That’s why when you want to register a name, then the registration company shows you a list of suggested keywords from short to long domain names based on your focused keywords. Many website registration companies use several scripts that use multi-lingual dictionaries which includes a huge collection of synonym and antonyms that gives a wide range of selection for your desired domain keyword. The main logic for using such scripts is that if unfortunately, all the domains of your specified keywords have been sold out or not available, then such scripts can give you suggestion for alternative words for your keyword. These types of scripts can prove to be a great tool to help you brainstorm a specific keyword.

However, nothing could beat human intelligence and creativity over artificial intelligence. Just jotting down all the relevant words related to a product, company or business. Just remember, never go for more than 3 words for your domain if you want to memorize your domain to your customers with ease. Use the internet for selecting synonyms and antonyms from the huge database and try to select the least possible words for your domain.

Nowadays, there is also a practice of using hyphenation, or numbers in the domain name. These types of hyphenations seem to be easy for the customers, but these hyphenations can prove to be very tricky in typing because users have to take great care in typing and this also can cause adverse effects for your businesses too. Because, if some site uses the domain like and if someone mistakenly type the wrong hyphen, then he wouldn’t be bothered to visit your site again by choosing the correct words.

The other key to make your domain famous by using the words that are most popular and widely used on internet as web, internet, mail, online, etc. These types of words are easy to remember for any person using the world wide web without any need to recall. For instance, if you choose your domain like then, it would be a lot of easy to remember for the majority of people related to IT field.

Today, the need domain name in Karachi have exceeded because everyone wants to boost his/her product, company or business in the row of millions of websites. also offering its quality services in Karachi for the same purpose. If you need a domain name in Karachi, then simply contact us and we will handle the rest of the procedure for you.

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