Free Domain and Hosting in Pakistan

PK2Domain is the one and only company which is offering multiple services like Free Domain and Hosting in Pakistan.

PK2Domain gives general solutions for equally Linux in addition to Windows Managed Dedicated Servers. The Dedicated servers are an extremely safe way of hosting your website otherwise SQL Database. Dedicated Servers provide you the chance for customization as per your necessities. You can get install a host of tackles along with applications devoid of worrying regarding other account holders. Our Dedicated Servers performances well as compared to orientated servers furthermore are configured for steadfastness. Our Dedicated Servers are in a protected location in addition to are they monitored 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. Temperature of our Datacenter is controlled to make sure your private server is for all time running at most favorable levels. We also wanna tell you that our experienced as well as highly trained system managers have enormous experience in mutually Linux and Windows Server managing that allows us to recommend superlative customer support 24/7 days in a week. Usually we host big websites in Europe countries to load balanced clusters because in Europe there are many database centers working smoothly that’s why we are proud to cooperate a part in mounting the business of our clientele. WINDOWS DEDICATED and LINUX SERVERS At, all the servers are completely managed as well as come with full comfort management or root entrance to give you absolute control, as well as the capability to modify the dedicated server for person needs. With PK2Domain, we will assign you full control and you would have the power to take full advantage of your dedicated server hosting experience.

Free Domain and hosting in Pakistan

With all web hosting in Pakistan pack up PK2Domain offering 1 year FREE domain name registration as well as free domain name transfer. Whatever extension you want it can be register conservative i.e. .com, .org, .net and all like that as well as you be able to get newly extensions i.e. .guru, .xyz, .website and so on. We are also offering on buying of two years web hosting package then you are also qualified to choose from PK domains for FREE. We will stay renewing it for FREE providing you to keep your account live with us. We are also offering best customer service, if you have got technological issues so you can arrive at someone well-informed who can talk to you in verbal communication/terms you understand?, and finally your issue would be resolved soon.

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